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It is part of driving and inevitable that at some stage you are going to get a dent or ding. Car dents are not only unsightly, but they will be something you notice every time you look at your car. Panel dents and dings can occur anywhere on the streets of Perth and aren’t always caused by other motorists. Bollards, signs, trees, footballs and other foreign objects can easily cause dents on any of your car panels. The only silver lining to a door, bonnet, roof, or boot dent is that Diamond Dents offers paint free dent removal.

What is paintless dent removal?

Diamond Dents offers automotive paintless dent repair for all makes and models of cars. Paintless dent removal is not only the fastest and most affordable in comparison to panel beating but it is the highest quality method for removing and repairing cosmetic dents on your car.

Paintless dent removal is suitable for any size dent on your car’s bumper, bonnet, roof, boot and even some plastic bumpers. Diamond Dents has extensive dent removal experience on all makes and models of cars and can safely repair your car’s dent.

With today’s modern cars paintless dent removal can only be performed by highly skilled technicians and requires extremely precise and controlled micro pushes within the dent from behind the panel to get it back to its showroom condition without damaging the paint surface.

At Diamond Dents we stress that dent removal is not just a matter of hiding the damage, we work tirelessly to make creases and dents disappear completely. We have been providing paintless dent removal for over 10 years and we can repair anything from a small car park dent to a large dent or long crease, dents on swage lines, behind bracing and high spots in boots and bonnets and even on plastic bumpers.

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I had a dent on my Lexus IS250 boot in a hard to reach location. The job was done on the spot. If this was not done I was to replace the whole boot at a much higher cost.

John Bose Elavumkal 

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