Stop staring at your cars dent and get it removed with Diamond Dents and their Paintless Dent Removal process.

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Don’t let a dent in your car ruin your day, call Diamond Dents today and ask about our paintless dent removal technology

Diamond Dents has been providing affordable paintless dent removal for over 14 years. Our experienced team can manage any size dent and work on all makes and models, including European cars.

Unfortunately, car dents are part of being a motorist. We know how unsightly they are, and they become a daily annoyance every time you drive your car. Diamond Dents are your local Perth based paintless dent removal experts. We can repair almost any size dent and our paintless dent repair process is a unique way of removing small dents, dings, or knocks, such as those received in car parks, from your car’s bodywork without the need to use fillers, paint or a visit to a panel beater.

Affordable Dent Removal

With over 14 years of experience in all makes and models, Diamond Dents can remove your cars dent with our paintless technology.

Car Doors

The most common dents we see are on car doors. Doors are susceptible to being accidentally opened onto foreign objects, dents from sports’ balls and unfortunately people intentionally kicking your car. Luckily, dents in doors are the easiest dents to remove.

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Side Panels

If you reverse into, or side swipe, something while driving and your dent isn’t showing any paint damage we can help. We will carefully inspect your dent and then take the right course of action to ensure that dent looks like it was never there.

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Bumpers & Bonnets

From hail damage to dents the size of dinner plates, there isn’t a dent we haven’t been able to remove. Just as each dent is different, so is each car, which is why have different approaches to different makes and models.

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Quality in everything we do

Paintless dent removal (PDR) is a popular method of removing dents from your vehicle, using highly skilled techniques which require no paint or filler.

Automotive paintless dent repair takes a great deal of patience, plenty of experience, and of course the right tools. Diamond Dents has developed our ownl method of removing dents does not require the removal of the panel from the car, or indeed removal of any trim to allow access to the rear of the metal in order to push out the dent from behind.

End of lease vehicles

Leasing a vehicle is fast becoming a popular way of having your car of choice, and they are generally cost effective and hassle free. However, when these vehicles get returned, they get inspected and any damage found to be outside the fair wear and tear guidelines is charged for. We can quickly remove any dents to help you avoid costly fees.

Fleet vehicle specialists

If you own or run a car, van or ute hire business and your vehicles need some dent work performed, before you contact a panel beater talk to Diamond Dents. We can often remove most dents at a fraction of the cost and normally while you wait.

Sports and Prestige

Paintless dent removal is not just limited to your family sedan. Diamond Dents are specialists at European, sports and even vintage cars, where extra care must be taken.


Mobile Dent Repair Service

Professional Auto Dent Repair in the Comfort of Your Home or Work

Need a dent removed at your home or office, then call Diamond Dents today.

Diamond Dents’ Mobile Dent Removal service covers all of Perth, and our prices are cheaper than what you would expect. We have the experience and equipment to remove any size dent from any make or model of car when paint work is not required.

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Mobile Service

Beautiful seamless work, fixed a small but deep trolley dent in the door of my brand new Rav4 quickly and price was extremely reasonable. Thank you so much, would highly recommend to anyone.

Tammy Loffler  

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